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Race report by Jason Nugroho
The Lap Paradise Inaugural race was held on 30-31 March 2013 at Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It’s located about 2 hours by car from Singapore.

There were a total of 55 racers in attendance and only 4 racers from Indonesia. A day before practice day, rain made the track wet and muddy. So, I couldn’t do any practice on Friday. Because I didn’t have any practice prior the race day and I thought the track was still too muddy, I didn’t go to the track in the morning of qualifying day. I was waiting to hear good news about track conditions from my friends first.

After I heard that the track became dry and hardpack at the end of qualifying day, I came to the track on Sunday and started from the lower final 1/8A. After 25 min 1/8 finals and and 25 min at 1/4 finals I bumped up to semis. I won my semifinal race and got 3rd position on the grid for the A-main.

As usual, I got caught in the traffic at the beginning of the A-main went down to 11th position. In lap 44 I got 1 time engine cut. Then I tried to push the car as much as I could making the best of the best lap time for this track at 26.122 sec and finished 2nd , only 10 sec behind the winner.

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Here’ the main final result after 60 min race:
1. Adrian Wicaksono ( Indonesia )
2. Jason Nugroho ( Indonesia ) – XRAY XB9 2013
3. Kelvin Yong ( Malaysia )
4. Joe Hwee ( Singapore )
5. Azalee Aiman ( Malaysia )
6. Ron Kon ( Malaysia )
7. Melvin Tan ( Malaysia )
8. Youyi ( Singapore )
9. Alvin Lam ( Malaysia )
10. Anthony Yeo ( Singapore )