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Race report by Cham Dassanayake
The fourth and last race of the Swiss Indoor Touring Car Championship (SITCC) series took place on Saturday 23 March in Geneva at Grand Saconnex. Over 60 racers were registered for the last round, and were welcomed by a fast track layout, prepared by the ERMC crew.

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As usual I sat out of the free practice, and my first run was during the controlled practice. I used this round to try out the setup which was a mix of what I had learned during the 1st and 2nd round of the SITCC. As usual the car was easy to drive and I was confident for the Qualifications.

Starting in second, I dominated the first half of the opening qualifier. A silly mistake and I found myself needing to be marshalled. This mistake cost me the extra lap I could have done and the current TQ spot after.

With a few adjustments to the speedo, my car was dialled for the 2nd Qualification, and was on the top spot from tone to tone, and my T4 was the only car to bench in at 27 laps.

With the overboost of confidence in my T4 I was a little greedy during Quali 3. The grip was at its highest of the Qualifications and I could have bettered my run, but made too many mistakes by clipping the buttons. Fortunately my Q2 run was not beaten, therefore I was to sit on pole position for the finals.

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After a few more adjustments to my throttle/brake profiles, I confident for the finals, though slightly nervous as this was the first time sitting on pole. The nervousness didn’t last long as after 4 corners in to the first final I was already meters a head of cars 2 and 3. I finished F1 lapping the whole field except second place driver which crossed the finished line milliseconds before I could lap him. I had got my first win, with the fastest lap time of the event, which was four tenths of a second faster than the second fastest driver.

For the second final my car was on rails! I took the win from start to finish with no threat whatsoever. Again I broke into the 10 second lap times, but this time being very consistent despite the traffic, with a difference of less than two tenths of a second between my fast lap and average lap.

Top 8 (8 per final):
1. Cham Dassanayake - XRAY T4
2. Arthur Brule
3. Alex Amort
4. Israel Solis Gomez
5. Antonio Alj
6. Paul Franceschi
7. Jon Portas
8. Jean-Marc Betticher

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I’ve had many podium wins in the past but the Xray T4 took me to the highest step!