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Race report by Bruno Coelho
Last weekend we had our 2nd race of the Nationals 1/8 Off Road.

The track it´s in the north of the country and has a new layout so it was a new experience for everyone. Even the weather conditions were not so good with a lot of rain during the final the car and Bruno showed why XRAY is at the right choice.

During the Saturday practices we tried to find the best possible setup because we knew the forecast for Sunday was not good.

On Sunday, during the morning qualifications we are very close to the T.Q. Bruno was always faster he made fastest laps but the track is hard and very bumpy and a small mistake caused Bruno to loose the top qualifying position and he decided do not push too hard.

So after the qualifying we were in third position for semis. Bruno won his semifinal with a very consistent race and two laps ahead the second driver. Bruno take very careful start at the beginning of the final race and starts decreasing lap times lap after lap. At the end of 4th lap he was in the lead and kept it until the finish.

Open and close the classification, XRAY has 4 cars in the final and their work was superb. Joao Ramos had done a fantastic job, it was his second race with XRAY, Nuno Rebelo this time had some technical problems cusing him to finished in the middle of the field. But he is stil on fight for top places. Tiago Aguiar had a problem with servo horn from steering and had to retire very early.

Now a special thanks to Tiago Silva for an excellent work he has done for XRAY Team.

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Final results
1. Bruno Coelho - XRAY XB9'13
2. Ricardo Monteiro
3. Miguel Matias
4. Joao Monteiro Lopes
5. Joao Ramos - XRAY XB9'13
6. Carlos Duraes
7. Nuno Rebelo - XRAY XB9'13
8. Pedro Figueiredo
9. Rodrigo Luis
10. Jorge Augusto
11. Nuno Casal Ribeiro
12. Tiago Aguiar - XRAY XB9'13

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