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Race report by Frederic Fontaine
The 6 and 7 April was held the first round of BNK (championship common between Belgium and the Netherlands). This race took place at the Black Country Arena (Charleroi, Belgium).

Saturday 6th: free practice all day.

Sunday 7th: 3 qualifications and finals for all drivers.

Qualifications have to the dominion of XRAY with the pole in 3 qualifications achieved by Bart Van Echelpoel. For others it was very tight spot. There are 4 Xray XB4 in A final (Top 10). For my part (Frederic Fontaine) I realize the 6th time (tied on points with fourth and fifth). We found Steven Stapaerts in 7th place and David Pauwels in 10th.

For final it was the same domination of XRAY with the victory of Bart in three finals.
In his final I finished 5th in final 1, 6th in final 2 and 5th in final 3. What gives me the 6th place overall (tied on points with the fifth). Steven finished 8th and David 9th.

Final Result:
1. Bart Van Echelpoel XRAY XB4
2. Jean-Yves Konings
3. Kristoph Van Echelpoel
4. Jean-Michel Taijman
5. Maarten Kempeneers
6. Frédéric Fontaine XRAY XB4
7. Erik Michiels
8. Steven Stapaerts XRAY XB4
9. David Pauwels XRAY XB4

10. Jean-Francois Renard

Very good weekend for XRAY XB4 during the first round of the championship, go to the second in 15 days Kampenhout (Belgium).