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Race report by Dirk Wischnewski

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The weather forecast was very good for the whole weekend, so the starter field with almost 70 entries was quite big. The field was separated in 3 categories 1:8 class1, 1:8 class2 and 1:10scale.
For me it was the first German race of the new season, further it was the first race with the brand new NT1 2013 spec. So everybody was excited to see how the new car will handle under race conditions. For me it was also a special race as over the winter quite a view things changed about my equipment so I wanted to see how I can perform in this new situation.

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Qualifying went quite good for team XRAY with second place for Tobias Hepp and TQ for me. In third place it was Marc Fischer at his first nitro race after some years.

Semifinals were not very spectacular, so the starting order for main final was:

1. Dirk Wischnewski XRAY NT1
2. Marc Fischer
3. Andreas Weyhofen XRAY NT1
4. Tobias Hepp XRAY NT1

5. Rene Püpke

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In the 25min main final I was able to open a gap to rest of the field right after the start and from there on I controlled the race. Tobias drove a good race and finished in a good 2nd place 2,5 laps behind me.

Final results:
1. Wischnewski Dirk XRAY NT1
2. Hepp Tobias XRAY NT1

3. Toennessen Daniel
4. Bernhardt Arndt
5. Püpke Rene
6. Fischer Marc
7. Baldes Jörg
8. Rose Hartmut XRAY NT1
9. Fleischer Dieter
10. Weyhoven Andreas XRAY NT1

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All in all the XRAY NT1 2013 worked very well on this track. Now I’m looking forward to the upcoming bigger races.

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Dirk Wischnewski & Tobias Hepp
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Dirk Wischnewski NT1'13 Set-up sheet.