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Race report by Jerome Treignier

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As every year, the biggest indoor RC event in Canada was the week end in Ontario : the Canadian Indoor Offroad Shootout @ Tillsonburg.

All the best Canadian drivers were attending as most of the north-east US drivers. Special guest for the event: Adam Drake who made the trip from California!!!

Friday was the practice day, with 4 rounds of controlled practice for everyone. Arrived late in the day, I just did 1 round of practice with my buggy and truggy. Immediately my cars were really easy to drive and fast, posting a good average top 5 to be on the fastest qualification for saturday.

Qualifications was using the rocket round system, giving more importance to the speed that consistency.

In buggy I had some issues with traffic but i managed to improve my car every round. I finally ended 7th.

In truck, I did all my round with an awesome consistency, managing to set the 5th fastest time overall.

In E buggy, I was not about to run it, but finally i decide to try it on the last qual … i was directly fast and managed to start 1st in the B main.

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Sunday: Main events.
E buggy: first I started with the b main in e buggy. I won really easily this one, and will start 13th on the grid for the triple A main.

A1: starting from the back is always really hard, but my car was fast and easy to drive so I kept my calm to climb to the 4th spot.

A2: I had a lot of traffic on this one, but I still finished 6th.

At the point I was playing for a podium after only 30min with the car. Immediately a lot of people came to me asking what was this car. Everyone was impress by the corner speed and the stability of the XB9E.

A3: I did a really good race, finishing 2nd overall, really close to win my first A main event in electric 1/8 … from 13th on the grid !!!!

I went to tie break for 3rd, and I finally finished 4th overall, making the fastest lap time of the week end in this class : 24.1 !!!

1. Mark Sousa
2. Dave Henry
3. Justin DaSilva
4. Jerome Tregnier XRAY XB9E

Truck: from 5th to the grid, I managed to take the 2nd spot after 5 mins, with a great battle. Adam was clearly untouchable in this class. But after the first refuel, I get hurt by an another car and I broke a rear hub … too bad as i could manage a good 2nd place behind Drake. by the way, my lap time was really fast, 5 tens back to Adam's.

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Buggy: One of the most memorable battle I had ever. The TLR guys and mugen guys was really fast, working together all the week end to find the right set up. I was up to 2nd at the first refuel at 10mins but I flamed, loosing 10sec. Restarting from 6th, i went back to 3rd not far from 2nd. Finally I made the podium which already a good result for my 3rd race with the XB9'13.

1. Adam Drake
2. Derek Sousa
3. Jerome Tregnier XRAY XB9'13

I would like to thanks all the crew for this event and specially Joe Ferguson !!

Jerome Treignier XB9'13 Set-up sheet.