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The first round of the 2004 Portuguese TC Championship was held on the March 12-14 weekend at the Tomar Lama Clube track in the centre of Portugal. The track was a well-prepared outdoor asphalt track with a good flowing course laid out. XRAY dominated the podium (taking the win) and also was the most popular car in the top 10.

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Saturday morning started with rain, so only the third and last qualifiers were raced in dry conditions. This gave some surprising qualifying results:

On pole position it was the XRAY of Daniel Ferreira, followed by Felipe Costa with an Associated TC3, Diogo Moreira with Yokomo SD, fourth place for always fast Hugo Silva with his XRAY, and normally the fastest driver in this track Carlos Barros was in seventh place with his XRAY.

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In the first final there was a good battle between Daniel and Carlos, but he showed why he is one of the fastest driver in this track, and in third place was Diogo. In the second final Diogo won, closely followed by Hugo and Daniel. Finally, in the last race of the day, Daniel was in front, followed by Diogo and Miguel Macieira (running his HPI Pro4 for the first time). In the last final was a lot of grip, and all cars were very fast.

In Round 1 of this championship, XRAY had great results in this exciting event. Daniel Ferreira took the win with his XRAY, but also there were five XRAYs in the top 10!

Final standings - 2004 Portuguese TC Championship (Round 1)

1. Daniel Ferreira (XRAY)
2. Diogo Moreira (Yokomo)
3. Carlos Barros (XRAY)
4. Hugo Silva (XRAY)

5. Miguel Macieira (HPI)
6. Felipe Costa (Associated)
7. Luis Fidalgo (XRAY)
8. Rodrigo Marinheiro (XRAY)

9. Antonio Gato (Losi)
10. Luis Freire (Schumacher)