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This is a notice to all XRAY customers attending the 2013 1/10 Nitro European Championship from 8th till 9th of June 2013 at race track in Gubbio, Italy.

The XRAY Support Team will be available with full V.I.P. service and support at the upcoming European Championship. Former European Champion Dirk Wischnewski will be there to provide technical and set-up help and Italian distributor Sprint RC to provide full support and service with a complete range of all spare parts.

As a sign of our ongoing commitment to improve customer support, every XRAY driver at the European Championship will receive a wonderful free gift - the XRAY Support Package!!!

This Package includes:

XRAY Team T-Shirt
#332112 Composite Suspension Arm Front Lower for Wire Anti-Roll Bar
#332211 Composite Steering Block 1° King-Pin Right
#332221 Composite Steering Block 1° King-Pin Left
#333110 Composite Suspension Arm Rear Lower - V2
#333310 Composite Upright Rear - V2
#335554 Composite 2-Speed Gear 54T (2nd) - V2
#335560 Composite 2-Speed Gear 60T (1st)