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Report By NN Modelismo
This past weekend Team XRAY had an almost perfect appearance at the Portuguese 1/8th Off Road Regionals, by winning 2 out of 3 big races. The Portuguese Regionals are divided by 3 regions, North, Center and South, the Team won North and Center and dominated South almost until the end of the race.


Usually the biggest regional event in the country, in terms of affluence, the North race append in the track of Bodiosa-Viseu, drivers went to race and in the end it was Pedro Miguel Sousa with a XB9 that won the race, final top positions were:

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1. Pedro Miguel Sousa - XRAY XB9
2. Nuno Filipe Ferreira
3. Carlos Cardoso
7. Joel Soares – XRAY XB9

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This race was in the Modelis Track in Ortigosa and 19 drivers checked in to this one. Local driver Tiago Aguiar driving an XRAY XB9 was the man to beat this weekend and in the end he actually won and TQ'ed the race.

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1. Tiago Aguiar - XRAY XB9
2. Gonçalo Melo
3. Helder Barros

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1. Bruno Antunes
2. Rui Rodrigues
3. Vasco Rodrigues
6. Flavio Matias – XRAY XB9
11. Joao Ramos - XRAY XB9

In the end of this full race weekend, 2 out of 3 wins is a very good result and the perfect show of the winning potential of XB9.

Thank You to all drivers present in Portuguese 1/8th Off Road Regionals.