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Report By NN MODELISMO – Portugal
Over the past weeks we have reported on the huge success of the XB9 platform on the Portuguese Regionals, we were more than happy with the performance of the Team at this level but we were waiting anxiously to translate this success into National level events.

Excited about the awesome work the team was doing at the regionals we went to the "Modelismo Alentejo Clube" track for the 3rd Round of the Portuguese 1/8 Off Road Nationals. The track layout is very demanding with some triple jumps and diferent surfaces.

The super fast Bruno Coelho TQ'ed the 2nd and 3rd round of qualifying giving him the TQ spot for the 1/2 A Final, Nuno Rebelo was also super fast and driving faultless and qualified himself into the 2nd spot of the 1/2 B Final. Also Joao Ramos and Tiago Aguiar placed themselves directly into the 1/2 Final.

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This XRAY quartet bump up into the main final of the race and the goal now was to attack the race and win it. Awesome driving from everyone with several changes in the lead with Bruno Coelho and Nuno Rebelo sharing the lead with Miguel Matias through the 45m final. In the end it was Matias who won but Bruno Coelho and Nuno Rebelo completed the podium in 2nd and 3th respectively. Somewhere in the pack Joao Ramos has finished in a well deserved 5th place and Tiago Aguiar also doing a brilliant 8th.

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Final Result:
1. Miguel Matias
2. Bruno Coelho - Team XRAY XB9
3. Nuno Rebelo - Team XRAY XB9

4. Carlos Duraes
5. Joao Ramos - Team XRAY XB9
6. Ricardo Monteiro
7. Pedro Figueiredo
8. Tiago Aguiar - Team XRAY XB9
9. Ramon Nuno
10. Gonçalo Melo
11. Fábio Ramos
12. Joao Lopes