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In the weekend of 20-21 March the CS-final was held in a small town called Langenfeld in Germany. This race was a good practise for the upcoming LRP-masters in two weeks.
A few topdrivers were there like Marc Rheinard, Benni Groschel and Teemu Leino. Also Team XRAY was well represented with German stars Joel Voss and Rene Pupke, from Belgium Benoit Thomas and from Holland Tony Vredenberg, mechanic Frank Groskamp and Jilles Groskamp.

Final standings:
1. Marc Rheinard Tamiya/Orion V2
2. Jilles Groskamp XRAY/Peak V2
3. Marc Fischer Tamiya/Orion V2
4. Dirk Wischnewski Tamiya/Orion V2
5. Teemu Leino Schumacher/Orion V2
6. Ronald Volker Tamiya/Orion V2
7. Steffan Leinburger Tamiya/Orion V2
8. Joel Voss XRAY/Orion V2
9. Benjamin Groschel HPI/LRP
10. Uwe Spiess Tamiya/Orion V2

The b-final was won by the XRAY of Rene Pupke and third place was for Tony Vredenberg who drove a very good race this weekend.

The full report from Jilles Groskamp can be found here.