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Race report by Simon Eser
Great Start into the 2013 Season with XB9'13 in Central Germany

This year the Outdoor Season started with the first of eight Hessencup Races, which are as well the qualification for the German Nationals. The Race took place at MAC Dannstadt's new facility. Despite having a few problems with the timekeeping in the heats and starting in the quarters I managed my way through to the main. My car worked great and I could lap the whole field.

This year the 2nd round of the Hessencup was in Rodgau. Thanks to my superior fuel milage with the Orcan BT5 a ten minute pit stop strategy was possible. This gave me an advantage which I took to win again.

1. Eser, Simon - XRAY XB9‘13
2. Wiesner, Tom
3. Queisser, Benjamin - XRAY XB9‘13
4. Büssing, Manuel
5. Müller, Thorsten
6. Lucas, Thomas
7. Probst, Thorsten
8. Jug Schmidt, Julien
9. Wende, Marcus - XRAY XB9‘13
10. Kohler, Michael

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The next event was the 8th International Warm Up on the 2014th European `A` Championship track. Before heavy rain hit the track on friday afternoon, I topped the first
round of timed practice. The rain continued until saturday night. After a great efford the track was raceable on sunday. Many drivers left the ciruit so it was possible to run two rounds of heats and the finals on one day. In the main I was stuck in traffic and made a few mistakes in the opening minutes of the race, but after that I found my pace and could fight my way back. In the last ten minutes I snatched the second place from JQ and finished on a satisfying second place.

At the following XRAY Challenge in Kirchhain I TQed the Buggy class before once again rain hit the track. So I had a quite reasonable start into this season and I'm very happy
with my package: XRAY, Orcan Engine, Savöx-Servos, C2Shocks and 6mik.

Thanks to everyones support