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XRAY has taken their set-up sheets one step further by making them interactive, modifiable PDFs. The PDF set-up sheets for the T1M, T1FK, and T1R have been updated so that you can modify them (fill in the information) using Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 and higher.

Open one of the modifiable PDF files in Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher. When you pass the computer cursor over a field that you can fill in, the cursor changes to a hand cursor. Simply left-click, and you can change the value.

For set-up fields that indicate a certain position (for example, rear shock upper mounting position on rear shocktower), clicking on a certain setting “circle” will fill it… click again and the setting clears. For set-up fields that require text entry (for example, rear camber), click on the field and then type in the information.

The modifiable PDF files for the T1M, T1FK, and T1R can be found at the following locations:

T1 Mini modifiable PDF set-up sheet

T1 Factory Kit modifiable PDF set-up sheet

T1 Raycer modifiable PDF set-up sheet