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Race report by Katja Brammertz
120 drivers attended the first round of the German NRW-Cup race which took place at the great track of the MFK Kürten e.V. club. It was the 29th round of the famous so called “Pfingst”-race.

Right from the start the race ran very good for the XRAY/Orcan team (Daniel Kreutz, Katja Brammertz and Michael Prause). Daniel Kreutz and Katja Brammertz could directly qualify for the semi finals of the expert class and Michael Prause for the semi final of the hobby class. Daniel and Katja could continue their good performance with the XB9´13 as both won their semi final. Cause of a flame out Michael Prause did not climb up to the final.

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In the thirty minute final of the expert class Daniel, XB9´13 managed to claim the victory ahead of Sven Sievert, Björn Siewert and Katja Brammertz, XB9`13.

Due to a very good set up and a great teamwork the XRAY/Orcan team could reach these great results.

A big thanks to the club MFK Kürten e.V. for the top organisation of the race.

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Here the result of the expert class:
1. Kreutz, Daniel - XB9`13
2. Sievert, Sven
3. Siewert, Björn
4. Brammertz, Katja - XB9`13
5. v.Schaijk, Rene