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Report by NN-Modelismo
The 4th Round of the Portuguese 1/8 Offroad Nationals was held in the beautiful track of Torres Vedras, the weather was pretty good all weekend and racing was at the same level - very hot.

The team went on Saturday to the track to take some practice time and try to get the most out of the car and in the end the thoughts were that we have the best car on track. Bruno Coelho, Nuno Rebelo, Tiago Aguiar, Joao ramos and Luis Pereira all look like they were on rails with some impressive performance at the track, expectations were very high for sunday race.

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Qualifications went on a very warm day here in Portugal and our expectations were confirmed, Bruno was the fastest of the previously refered XRAY quintet posting the 2nd fastest time of the Qualification heats, but a mechanical problem ended up his hopes of wining the race in the Semi Final. Luis Pereira also had motor problems in Quarter Final and seen is race day ends.
So the quintet was transformed into an XRAY Trio in the Main Final. Tiago Aguiar did an impressive race and ended in the last podium place available, 3rd. Joao Ramos and Nuno Rebelo fought until the last lap and ended up in the 5th and 6th respectively.

In the end, and again, Team XRAY Portugal performed very well this weekend proving that XB9 platform is the way to go to achieve victory.

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1. Carlos Duraes
2. Ricardo Monteiro
3. Tiago Aguiar XRAY XB9'13
4. Rodrigo Luis
5. Joao Ramos XRAY XB9'13
6. Nuno Rebelo XRAY XB9'13

7. Joao Lopes
8. Pedro Figueiredo
9. Miguel Pires
10. Goncalo Melo
11. Ricardo Martins
12. Miguel Matias