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Race report by Fanatix
XRAY XB9’13 won the 3rd round of the most competitive buggy championship of Greece. Many drivers from all the Greek teams participate with great chances to win the race.

Qualification results:

1. Kodouzoglou
2. Papanikolaou
3. Zagorisos - XRAY XB9’13
4. Makropoulos
5. Stathopoulos
6. Fotinos
7. Koudouris
8. Perogianakis
9. Kontos
10. Aivaliotis

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The final race started with great battle between Zagorisos and Kodouzoglou but very close were Papanikolaou, the last year’s champion and Makropoulos. After the first pitstop Zagorisos with his very consistent and easy to drive XB9’13 took the lead of 16sec and he continued till the end of the final.

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Final results:
1. Zagorisos - XRAY XB9’13
2. Makropoulos
3. Kodouzoglou
4. Koudouris
5. Fotinos
6. Perogianakis
7. Kontos
8. Aivaliotis
9. Stathopoulos
10. Papanikolaou

After the 3rd round Zagorisos and XRAY lead now the championship. The next race is at 23 of June. Great result once again for XRAY dirt team in Greece.