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Team XRAY continues its winning streak and dominates with the new T1FK.

2004 US National Championship
Team XRAY driver Josh Cyrul TQ'd and won the 2004 ROAR Touring Car National Championship in the Touring Car Modified class.

With an extraordinary display of racing skill with his XRAY T1FK racecar, Josh qualified in the TQ position, then won two of the three "A" finals (triple-A event). Josh did not race the final third race due to ROAR rules but had already wrapped up the National title after the second run.

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2004 US Snowbirds Nationals
Team XRAY driver Ralph Burch, Jr. took his XRAY T1 Factory Kit to an exciting win at the world's largest race: the 2004 Snowbirds Nationals in Florida, USA, in the Pro Modified class. It was a very impressive win for Burch, who battled over 50 top drivers for the coveted position of class champion! Competition was extra tough this year. Burch was running the new XRAY T1 Factory Kit.

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2003/2004 US National Championship,
Team XRAY driver Alex Lopez gave excellent performances in the 2003 and 2004 US National Championship races. In the 2003 event, Alex dominated and ruled the entire race, taking the title of US National Champion in the stock class. In the 2004 event, Alex took his XRAY car to a TQ position with an excellent display of fast, precise driving.

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