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A great group of racers
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The first Serpent-Xray Touring Car Spring Challenge was held at Toys for Boys Raceway in Kennesaw, Georgia on April 16-18. Serpent USA reps Art Carbonell and Doug McNeely attended this event to provide support, tech advice and help out any way they could to all the racers regardless of brand.

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The chefs John and Fernando
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Thursday, Friday, and Saturday was spent practicing and qualifying. Art and Doug were all over the place trying to help drivers get their cars a little bit better. When qualifying was finished a free barbeque dinner was provided for the drivers by TFB Raceway. Delicious steaks, sausages and all the trimmings were enjoyed by everyone.

Serpent-Xray tech support click to enlarge
Art Carbonell conducting seminar
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After dinner Art Carbonell and Doug McNeely conducted a seminar about car set ups, engine tuning and a question and answer session from the drivers and mechanics. This seminar was provided for everyone regardless of car brand. The next day was very rewarding when racers came up to Art and Doug and thanked them for all the help.

Congratulations to the A-Main winners. Uriah Murnan TQ and winner in fuel touring car. Eric Anderson winner in electric touring car. Final results and more pictures are available at the website www.tfbraceway.com check it out.