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On Sunday the 25th the first Dutch National was held at the Heemstede track.

After qualifing it was Jilles Groskamp who claimed pole with a new track record, 18 laps in 5m14s. Behind Jilles it was Tony Vredenberg with his Orion powered XRAY. Third was Heinz Kalinovski who travelled all the way from Germany to compete in a dutch championship!

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In the first final it was Jilles who cruised away followed by Heinz who pasted Tony in the second lap. On the end of the race it was Jilles crossing the line first followed by Peter Meurs with his Corally who past Heinz in the last lap. Tony finished fourth after having a unlucky crash with Peter.

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The second final was almost a copy of the first final. Jilles cruising away followed by Heinz and Tony. After five minutes Jilles crossed the line first followed by Heinz and Peter.

Final Standing:
1. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY

2. Heinz Kalinovski - Corally
3. Peter Meurs - Corally
4. Tony Vredenberg - XRAY
5. Stefan Jansen - XRAY

6. Bart Wubben - Corally
7. Frans Heinsbroek - XRAY
8. Daan Schuuring - Corally
9. Benny van Oers - HPI
10.Michael Lepelaar - Schumacher