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Josh Glancy said:
We raced at the new track in Austin this weekend it was a very nice top notch facility. We ran M3 Holeshots in buggy and truggy in the qualifiers and and TQ'd both. In the Qualifiers the tires and cars were very fast and hooked up on the new track surface. Surprisingly the dirt did not blow out at all and stayed very hard pack but a little dusty. Our car really excelled on this surface we seemed to have a little bit more traction than others allowing us to pull out of corners harder and carry more speed around the European style corners. Main day we were leading in Truggy when we had a steering servo go out taking us out of the race, but in buggy we had a great start and won the main on X3 blockades which were very hooked up and stable. They lasted the whole race and still had plenty of tread on them after the race, which really helped me pull away towards the end.

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Truggy results
1. Cade Whitenton - XRAY XT8
2. Kurt Kellum - XRAY XT8

3. Robbie Darby

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Buggy results
1. Josh Glancy - XRAY XB9‘13
2. Kurt Kellum - XRAY XB9‘13

3. Jake Dellinger