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Race report by David Kukla
The 3rd round of Czech national championship was held at track close to the city of Most last Sunday. It was an important race because my teammate Martin Bayer and Jiri Mára were running another top race Neo 13 this weekend and therefore anybody could get a lot of points to overall ranking.

The track was technical with only one triple-jump and one double-jump. The surface was flat with a good grip. I started with my standard starting setup, with only a few things changed and my car worked just perfect. Weather was good, but in the afternoon it started to rain and so the results were counted after the qualification.

Final results:

1.David Kukla (TQ) – XRAY XB9’13
2.Tomáš Kapička
3.Karel Hájek – XRAY XB9’13
4.Jan Zámiš
5.Lukáš Zeman – XRAY XB9’13

Set-up sheet
David Kukla

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