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The 4th round of Czech nation championship was held on asphalt track in Svitavy. Weather was fortunately sunny during the race.

In 1/8 category won Michal Abrahámek with his RX8'13 before Miroslav Jurenka and David Dohnal.

1/10 category was very exciting. Victory went to Jiri Vysin with his NT1 at the end .Soon after him went Michal Abrahamek and third position for Pavel Jansa.

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Results 1/10:
1. Jiří Vyšín - XRAY NT1'13
2. Michal Abrahámek - XRAY NT1'13

3. Pavel Jansa
4. Michal Jansa
5. Ondrej Kulhanek - XRAY NT1'13
6. Drahoslav Hejtmanek
7. Jirka Kral - XRAY NT1'13
8. David Cermak - XRAY NT1'13

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Results 1/8:
1. Michal Abrahamek - XRAY RX8'13
2. Miroslav Jurenka
3. David Dohnal
5. David Cermak - XRAY RX8'13
4. Ondrej Dvorak
6. Jiri Vysin - XRAY RX8'13
7. Dodo Tazky - XRAY RX8'13

8. Martin Zvara