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A finalists
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At the 2004 On-Road Worlds Warm-Up at Full Throttle Speedway, Jilles Groskamp of Team XRAY placed 3rd in among a group of international RC top drivers.

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Among the top ten finalists there were four XRAY cars... the most highly represented manufacturer in the top finalists!

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Top three drivers
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Here is the final order of the 1/10 Touring Car 'A' Final Worlds Warm-Up:

1 Atsushi Hara - HPI
2 Masami Hirosaka - Yokomo
3 Jilles Groskamp - XRAY
4 Andreas Myrberg - XRAY
5 Ralph Burch - XRAY

6 Hideo Kitazawa - Alex Barracuda
7 Teemu Leino - Schumacher
8 Barry Baker - Asso
9 Josh Cyrul - XRAY
10 Chris Tosolini - Yomoko