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On saturday the 1st May, was held the third portuguese national at the Sintra track. A superb layout, probably one of the nice´s track´s here in Portugal, but very abrasive and low grip.

After qualifing it was Daniel Ferreira(XRAY) who claimed pole with 13 laps in 5m10s. Behind Daniel it was Filipe Costa with Associated TC3 in 5m15s. Third was Miguel Macieira with HPI Pro4, always very fast in 5m20s.

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In the first final it was Daniel who cruised away followed by Fernando Cordeiro with HPI Pro4, and Hugo Silva with XRAY, both pass the Filipe in the last´s laps, probably a wrong choose of tyres for him.

The second final was almost a copy of the first final, but now, with Filipe Costa's car very fast, finished in second at 5 seconds of Daniel. In third Fernando Cordeiro.

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The last final, first place for Filipe Costa, second for Fernando Cordeiro, and third place for Daniel.

Final standings:
1.Daniel Ferreira - XRAY
2.Filipe Costa - Asso
3.Fernando Cordeiro - HPI
4.Hugo Silva - XRAY
5.Antonio Gato - XRAY
6.Rodrigo Marinheiro - XRAY

7.Diogo Moreira - Yokomo
8.Pires Preto - XRAY
9.Miguel Macieira - HPI
10.Luis Fidalgo - XRAY

Final thoughts,
- again 6 XRAYs in the final
- the pole position time of Daniel(XRAY),with take off tyres 32 !! ,very abrasive track.
- the great victory for Carlos Barros(XRAY) the 14 years old portuguese driver, in the first of spanish national championship. Well done "Carlitos".