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On September 7th another race was held at M.M.O.R.C track in Malta. The race was held in the evening because during the day the temperature in Malta is around 35°C at this time of year.

Top 6 Qualification results:

1. Dillon Cassar - XRAY XB9’13 TQ

2. Lawrence Mangion
3. Charlie Vassallo - XRAY XB9‘13
4. Noel Barun xray XB9’13
5. Paul Said - XRAY XB9’13
6. Luke Attard - XRAY XB9‘13

At the start of the final there was a couple of drivers fighting for the lead with Paul Said (XRAY XB9’13) getting the lead in first lap, there was a good fight between Charlie Vassallo and Luke Attard. Dillon and Lawrence both got a flame out on start, but in the second lap Dillon was able to take the lead and extended the gap everylap. There was a fight behind him between three drivers Lawrence Mangion, Charlie Vassallo and Noel Barun. Dillon managed to cruise around the track without any mistakes till the finish line and got the easy win.

Final results:

1. Dillon Cassar - XRAY XB9’13
2. Noel Barun xray XB9’13
3. Luke Attard - XRAY XB9‘13
4. Charlie Vassallo - XRAY XB9‘13
5. Paul Said - XRAY XB9’13

6. Lawrence Mangion