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Race report by Mats Angseryd.
The practice heats were ran on Friday and the two last heats were used for re-seeding. After the first practice I was TQ two seconds ahead of the runner-up. After all the practice heats I dropped down the 13th and started in heat 1. The qualification heats went well for me and I got one TQ round and one runner-up round. Heading into the last qualification heat there were three drivers plus me with a chance to become total TQ for the event. Rune from Norway came out victorious after some impressive driving and would be starting first on the grid for the morning after.

I started as number two in the semi B which looked to be a tougher semi than semi A so I knew I would have to make a really good run to make it to the main. The weather was very unpredictable with both rain and sunshine every other minute so we had to gamble a bit with the tires, I hoped for a dry track for the semi and that proved to be a correct guess and the car was extremely fast and gave me a third place for the A-Main.

In the A-Main I switched to harder springs as the track seemed to dry up more and more and once again I was lucky and the car went from being really good to almost perfect. The car was both easy to drive and really fast. Peter Harder, Rune Karlsen and myself were the top contenders for the win, Peter Harder managed to get a gap quite quickly as we battled for second position during most of the race, in the end I did a few mistakes and Rune got second place after Peter Harder whom could cruise for the victory with a big gap.

I would like to extend a special thanks to my sponsors, Minicars, XRAY, O’donnell and Futaba

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Final top 3:
1. Peter Harder
2. Rune Carlsen
3. Mats Angseryd - XRAY XB9

Set-up sheet
Mats Angseryd