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Last weekend the 5th round of Nitro-West-Masters was held on the track in Oberhausen/ Germany.

In 1/8 category won Tobias Hepp with his RX8 2013 in front of Christian Wurst and Ralf Vahrenkamp.

In 1/10 category won Dirk Wischnewski with his NT1 2013 in front of Daniel Tönnessen and Sebastian Bürge.

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Result 1/8
1. Tobias Hepp - XRAY RX8
2. Christian Wurst
3. Ralf Vahrenkamp
4. Martin Baumann
5. Michael Woeste
6. Claus Nauth - XRAY RX8
7. K.H. Meister
8. Thomas Kröger
9. Uwe Baldes
10. Frank Schewiola

Fastest Lap in the Final Tobias Hepp 11.985 sec.

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Result 1/10
1. Dirk Wischnewski - XRAY NT1
2. Daniel Tönnessen
3. Sebastian Bürge
4. Fähd Labik - XRAY NT1
5. Thilo Tödtmann - XRAY NT1
6. Julien Cevani
7. Stefan Schumann
8. Jörg Deckers
9. Andreas Weyhoven
10. Benjamin Lehmann