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This weekend it was time for some Portuguese action.
With the championships already finished, but with still a lot of things to prove, this was the perfect race! The race was held at Ortigosa (Leiria) track and overall the organization proved to be good. XRAY was the most represented car with 5 out of the 12 teams. After 6 hours of continuous racing and 622laps, Team XRAY managed to achieve the following results:

1 Nuno Rebelo/Tiago Aguiar XRAY
2 Helder Barros/Gonçalo Melo
3 Bruno Antunes/Rui Rodrigues XRAY
4 Carlos Ferreira/Sandro Taniça
5 Ricardo Simao/Abel Corroio
6 Pedro Santos / Pedro Rodrigues
7 Filipe Cardeira/R Gomes
8 R Caseiro/ J Pina
9 Nicolas Hallier/Nuno Bessa XRAY
10 Luis Lobo/Joao Faria
11 Serafim Cota/Paulo Machado XRAY XB8 EC
12 Joao Ramos/ Luis Simoes XRAY

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The race was fun to watch and there were some interesting position trades during the 6 hours, which made the race more exciting.

During the 6hours, the fastest lap was made by the winning duo Nuno Rebelo and Tiago Aguiar, which proved how fast the car was.
Again, XRAY confirmed to be a very reliable car and now it's time to prepare for the next year season!