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XRAY XB9 won the annual race Nitrofest ’13 which took place in Thesaloniki North of Greece. Saturday Tasos won the 1st qualification round and Quagraine the rest two. Sunday Tasos took all the qualification round and the TQ.


1. Paparegas T - XRAY XB9

2. Quagraine
3. Papanikolaou
4. Paparegas J - XRAY XB9
5. Charitides
6. Nisiotis
7. Markos - XRAY XB9
8. Sourdos
9. Sarvanides
10. Ferlahides

In the final there was a battle between Tasos XB9 and Quagraine but around 20min Tasos made his move and let the rest of the field far behind. Great battle till the end of the race for the 2nd place between Papanikolaou and Paparegas John XB9.


1. Paparegas T - XRAY XB9

2. Papanikolaou
3. Paparegas J - XRAY XB9
4. Charitides
5. Markos - XRAY XB9
6. Sarvanides
7. Mavromatis
8. Sourdos
9. Ferlahides
10. Quagraine
11. Nisiotis

3 XRAYs in the main final, TQ, best lap, and first and third place on podium. This is the 3rd year in the row that XRAY win the Nitrofest race. Great result once again and congratulations to the Greek XRAY buggy team.