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It’s the second time that I can celebrate the overall victory in this championship. In 2009 I could secure the first place in the junior, hobby an overall ranking. This time I participated in the expert category - successfully. Eventually the advantage to my closest competitor was 19 points.

The venue of the season opening race was the astro track of the new club MAC Dannstadt. After having problems with the timekeeping I had to start in the quarters. But despite that I fought and made my way into the main. My XB9’13 worked brilliant and I won, more than a lap ahead to the second.

The next event in this year’s campaign was held in Rodgau. Thanks to my superior fuel mileage with the Orcan BT5 engine a 10 min pit stop strategy was possible. This gave me an advantage which I converted into my second victory.

Despite the bad weather forecast the third race in Peterberg began under raceable conditions. But just with the start of the main the floodgates of heaven opened. There was so much water on the track that the buggies aquaplaned down the straight, but the organizers kept the race running. Half way through the race under those difficult conditions I could open a gap, but 7 min before finish I recognized that something was wrong. I tried to use as less throttle as possible and carry the car around the track. I dissipated my lead gradually to save my car. Eventually I kept the car going and won with just 3 seconds advantage. As I took my car apart the problem was obvious: the clutch bell was broken, but it’s amazing the car kept going for 7 min, with a now 11 teeth clutch bell which once was a 13 teeth one.

The next race in Fulda was just a perfect one. Not only that the weather was very good and the track evolved nice bluegroove, at first I could secure TQ then won my semi final and eventually won the main with 2.5 laps ahead. That made it 4 victories in a row.

The last venue before the summer break was Rodgau another time. This time the luck wasn’t on my side - my transponder failed. Instead of my real finishing position – a second place – I was classified 8th.

Heavy rain characterized the remaining season. Due to exams I couldn’t participate in the 6th round. The following race was cancelled; the rain was just too heavy.

The last round took place in Ober-Mörlen but again the rain played a role. Only one heat could be raced, before the track was literally flooded and the race was abandoned.

So it was obvious that I won not only the expert category but also secured the overall victory.

Thanks to everyone supporting me, especially my sponsors SMI/Xray, ORCAN-Engines, BSR-Line Tires and Savöx.

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The winner off all races in total is :
1. Simon Eser - XRAY XB9
2. Benjamin Queiser - XRAY XB9
5. Marcus Wende - XRAY XB9