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Race report by Martin Bayer
Round 7 was held at same track as round 6 just 2 weeks ago in Dolní Bukovsko. This time the weather forecast was not good but fortunately we got sunny weather all weekend long and could enjoy the last race of 2013 championship.

As in round 6 I secured enough points to win the championship I came here to test few things on my car. We start qulification and i TQed all runs. My car was dialed just right. In my semi just before the start we got some heavy cold wind. I managed to win my semis but I started third on grid for finals. After the start I pushed hard and take lead in first lap. I kept it until the end. I was very happy with the performace of my car. It was another good weekend.

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Result round 7:

1. Martin Bayer - XRAY XB9
2. Jirka MAra - XRAY XB9
3. Lukas Zeman - XRAY XB9
4. David Kukla - XRAY XB9
5. Stepan Silhavy ml. - XRAY XB9

6. Jan Zamis
7. Petr Klatovsky
8. Tomas Kapicka
9. Jiri Dvorak - XRAY XB9
10. Jan Domansky
11. Pavel Braun
12. Karel Hajek - XRAY XB9

Championship results

1. Martin Bayer - XRAY XB9
2. David Kukla - XRAY XB9
3. Jirka Mára - XRAY XB9
4. Lukáš Zeman - XRAY XB9

5. Tomáš Kapička
6. Štěpán Šilhavý - XRAY XB9
7. Jan Zámiš
8. Karel Hájek - XRAY XB9
9. Petr Klatovský
10. Petr Stieber