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The 2004 Spanish National TC Championship was held on Sunday, June 20 at the ARCA track in Madrid, with 39 drivers attending including 4 from Portugal. Team XRAY dominated the podium with drivers finishing in 2nd and 3rd positions.

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After qualifying wound up, it was Marc Esbri who claimed pole position, followed by Ivan Mula (XRAY), Carlos Barros (XRAY) in 5th, Daniel Ferreira (XRAY) in 6th (who had a lot of traffic in his qualifiers) and an excellent 8th place for Miguel Braga.

In the first final, Marc Esbri cruised away from the pack, followed by Daniel Ferreira (XRAY) who passed Ivan Mula (XRAY) in the last lap.

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In the second final it was almost a carbon copy of the first final. Marc cruised away followed by Ivan and Carlos. Daniel finished 5th after having an unlucky crash with Tony Mateo in the first lap.

In the last final, again it was all Marc in front, closely followed by Tony in 2nd and Daniel in 3rd.

The final standings after all finals of the Spanish Championship was: click to enlarge
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1. Marc Esbri (Schumacher)
2. Daniel Ferreira (XRAY)
3. Ivan Mula (XRAY)

4. Tony Mateo (HPI Pro4)
5. Carlos Barros (XRAY)
6. Inaki Pahissa Lopes (Associated)
7. Victor Pelaez
8. Jordi Cuadrado (Schumacher)
9. Alberto Maestre (Corally)
10. Miguel Braga (Losi)

Final thoughts: click to enlarge
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- a lot of traffic in some heats, making it very hard to pass
- Oscar Jansen specially came to the race to help his team drivers
- the fastest lap was held by Daniel Ferreira with his XRAY