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XRAY is excited to announce that the long time team driver Alexander Hagberg has extended his contract for 2014. Alexander has been with XRAY since "ever" and the team cooperation has been successful over the years and Alex has been a great supporter and member of the development team. We are happy to have "our" Alex in the team for the 2014 as well.

Alexander's achievements:

• 3x Vice-European Champion
• 15x European Championship Finalist
• 6x European Championship Podium Finisher
• 5x Nordic Champion
• 1x Swedish Champion
• 2x Junior European Champion

Alexander says:

"I have been racing for XRAY ever since the start of my international racing career. Over the years we have built a strong and successful relationship which has helped me to develop into one of the best on-road racers in Europe, if not in the world. For the upcoming season I did not consider any other option than to continue to work closely together with XRAY. I am confident that we can achieve even better results together in the future!"

Alexander will race in 2014 all major regional, national and international races with XRAY T4, NT1 and X12.

You can see Alex in 2014 at these races:

• World Championship 1/10 electric touring
• World Championship 1/10 nitro touring
• European Championship 1/10 electric touring
• European Championship 1/10 nitro touring
• European Championship 1/12
• ETS series
• DHI Cup
• IIC Las Vegas
• Swedish Cup and Swedish Nationals