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Last weekend the first race at a new track at the south of Portugal took place, it´s a new circuit new people and with perfect weather it seemed to be a fantastic weekend so we decided to go to the event and to support local XRAY drivers.

On Saturday Bruno answered many questions about driving and gave lot of advices on a technical meeting organized in the evening where all drivers could ask questions. We finished late at night but was a fantastic day.

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The organizers took great decision to change racing style and came up with qualifications heats, two 45 minute finals and a super final with best 12 of both finals, so a lot of driving for all drivers. Bruno archived T.Q. followed by his new teammate Rodrigo Luis driving an old XB9 for start his new coming to XRAY Team. During finals Bruno also achieved first place with one lap ahead Rodrigo Luis with a fantastic battle, super final was about to be decided between these two drivers but Bruno came up with new XB8. In 20 minutes of the superfinal Bruno build up 4-lap gap ahead Rodrigo Luis with an amazing prove of the car skills, Bruno reduced best lap by 1,5s,compared with XB9 the XB8 was about 1 second faster per lap, even the track had some holes and bumps.

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Close racing circuit next-door was then a place with some real car rally racing when the owner’s brother came in with his Mitsubishi Evo and made a few laps on the track with top 3 guys. Moments they will not forget.

Final results:

1. Bruno Coelho - XRAY XB8 (TQ)
2. Rodrigo Luis - XRAY XB9

3. Andre Guerreiro
4. Goncalo Melo
5. Jorge Pereira
6. Ivo Santos
7. Pedro Santos - XRAY XB9
8. Alex Encarnacao
9. Ivan Moreira
10. Bruno Cristina