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Race report by Janos Birinyi
Triple XRAY podium at Hungarian National Championship R4! The 4th round of Hungarian National championship was held at Budapest, in RC Aréna. At this technical layout XRAY drivers attended 3 touring car categories, Stock 13.5T Boosted 13.5T and Modified.


My car was working well, but I had an unfortunate technical failure in the first qualifying. The grip level was changing during the day, because the off-road cars ran on the same carpet. Despite I won both the second and third qualifying, I could not improve the TQ time, because the changing grip level, so I was starting from P4 on the grid, 2 second from TQ time. It was hard to overtake at this tight track, but I knew I can get in the front as the drivers ahead me make mistakes. Luckily I could take the lead and won the last final. That last final was significantly faster than the previous ones, so I could win overall with time.

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Modified top 3:
1. Zsolt Kálnay - XRAY T4
2. Viktor Juhász
3. Barnabás Tóth

Boosted 13.5T:
In the qualifying were extremely small differences, the starting grid was decided by very small mistakes. Unfortunately with 0.025sec and 1 sec difference I could only take P2 behind my teammate. After the qualifying runs we were expecting even more exciting finals. In the first final I made a mistake in tire preparation, so I finished second, 1.5sec behind the winner. For the second final everything was OK. There was a huge fight and many overtakes between the first three car. In the last corners with wise maneuvering I could use the stability of the car and won by 0.12 seconds. Before the third final we knew that if one of the top 3 drivers won that final, that would mean the overall win for him. It was the usual very close race, we changed positions many times, but unfortunately I finished second by 0.6sec, so my teammate won overall.

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Final results Boosted 13.5T:
1. PĂ©ter MikĂł - XRAY T4
2. János Birinyi - XRAY T4

3. Péter Taál

Stock 13.5T:
This category also bought a close qualifying. Finally, XRAY driver Tamás Pongó started from P2 on the grid. In the exciting finals with close finishes Tamás could secure his second position for the end of the day.

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Final results Stock 13.5T:
1. Gábor Forrai
2. Tamás Ponghó - XRAY T4
3. Péter Taál