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Sunday night, after attending a Florida State race in Miami,Fl, I flew 3,000 miles across the country to attend compete in 2004 Roar paved On-Road Nationals. All of the top U.S. stock drivers were expected to be there so it definatly was going to be a competitive race. Unlike Carpet, I was in my element, seeing as it was an Aspahlt race. I had practiced and tested a lot for this race, so i knew i had a good shot a winning

The track was officially open from Monday to the day races began, so i got as much practice as i needed. I flew in with My father GABRIEL LOPEZ, and Team Butter teammates MICHAEL ABRAIRA and FURMAN WALKER. The track opened and practice started at the same times. My car was good but it seemed to be a bouncing up and down. This was produced from the many bumps on the track. So Furman, Michael, and I began trying different set-ups to try and eliminate the bump factor. We were able to get rid of that factor and get our cars super fast by the control qualifying on Thursday.

Thursday was control practice. I tqued both of the rounds by 6 seconds on second place. But that didnt mean anything, seeing as it was just practice.

Friday was qualifying. I ran my car just was i did in practice and it was phenominal. But in the first qualifier, i had a hung brush. I bounced back the second qualifier by tqueing the round.
Saturday was no different from any other day. So i thought it that way...Due to some reckless driving, i qualified 5 for the third round. The fourth round brought more bad luck, when one of my cells blew up in my battery. The last and final round would be the deciding factor, would i be in the main or not. I was on a tq pace and i put the car on its lid the 5 th lap. But that didnt stop me, i came back from last place to almost tquing the round. I ended up 3rd for the round and qualified 3rd.

Sunday was the finals and I made no changes to my set-up. In the first A final, I was able to pass the first and second qualifier and checked out on the rest of the field.In the Final A-main,I was able to pass the second qualifier and began a battle to pass the leader,and with about a minute left to go,he clipped a board and gave me the opening i needed to pass him and go on to win the race and become the Roar On-Road Stock National Champion.

Special Thanks to Gabriel Lopez( My Father), Michael"Team Butter" Abraira,and Furman" Diggitty Diggitty" Walker. Thanks to Xray for providing the best handling car and great team support.