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This years euro’s was held at the RC club Staffansdorp in Sweden.
The track was nice and flowing with medium traction. The controlled tyre was choosen to be the Sorex 36R which worked excellent in the dry.
We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and stopped at the track to have a quick looked and after checking the track we went straight to a pizzeria to have a nice Swedish pizza served by a nice blond dutch speaking woman!

Thursday morning it all started. The free practise was scheduled at 9.00 but no one on the track? It rained! Everyone was waiting for the first one to go out in the wet. And I said why not, it can rain on Sunday as well?
So I started with my car to try some set-ups. Soon I noticed that my car was understeering a lot so I tried stiffener the rear which helped. Then I took out some rear toe-in till my car was almost oversteering. The whole day the track stayed wet so no dry practise. Fortunate we already had a good starting set-up for the dry created at the warm-up race last month.

Friday was two rounds of heat practise and two rounds of controlled timed practise followed by two rounds of qualifying.
The track was dry the whole day which was good for the racing! In the first two practise sessions I scrubbed in both my racing tyres which was better on this circuit. In the timed practise I tried my car with used tyres with the same set-up as the warm-up race last month.

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After the timed practise I noticed that I was the only one who putted a 17 lapper so that was quiet surprising!
This day ended even better by taking the win in the first and second qualifying round.

Saturday started with another win which gave me the TQ spot for this years Euro’s! After this round I made some set-up changes to try to find some better speed to be ready for Sunday’s final.

Sunday’s finals! click to enlarge
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Sunday started with rain and it never really stopped. Every A-main was raced in the wet. For me it was a total disaster. The set-up that I had from Thursday wasn’t enough to compete for the podium, which gave me the overall seventh place. A different result then expected. Jonas drove a perfect line in the wet and won.

I think we had the best car for the dry conditions and we will be even stronger in the future.
Hereby I want to thank Hudy for their great support once more. Also thanks to Oscar for the great power, and my buddies Tony, Frans and Leo for their help on Sunday between the mains.
Hope we have better weather next year’s Euros in Denmark.

Jilles Groskamp