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The 3rd round click to enlarge
The “Boss” Roxy wasn’t happy with all those cars on his track.
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The third round of the championship was one week before the euros at the De Sluis track located in Gouda.
The track was renewed a few month ago with some layout changes and new asphalt. Because of the new surface most drivers had some problems with the set-up of the car. With the TakeOff control tyre it was hard to find the right additive/set-up combination.

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Jilles on Pole!
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In qualifing it was Jilles who took pole with almost one lap ahead of the rest of the field. Second was German driver Kalinovski with his Corally.
In the final Jilles was controlling the race and took home the win for XRAY. Second was another XRAY of Stefan Jansen, third was Daan Schuuring with his Corally.

Final standing:
1. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY/Peak
2. Stefan Jansen – XRAY/Fantom

3. Daan Schuuring – Corally/Corally
4. Heinz Kalinovski – Corally/Corally
5. Tony Vredenberg - XRAY/Orion
6. Bart Wubben – Corally/Corally
7. Michael Lepelaar- Schumacher/Orion
8. Silvester Dam – XRAY/Orion
9. Benny van Oers - HPI/Orion
10. Peter Meurs – Corally/Corally

The 4th round click to enlarge
Start of the A-main!
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The fourth round of the championship was held at the Hotwheels track located in Deventer. On saterday there was a lot of sunshine with a nice afternoon to practise. Most drivers where already seen to test their cars for Sunday race.

Sunday was unfortunate a lot different with rain started at the end of qualifiying round one. In the second and third round of qualifying it was team XRAY Tony and Jilles who dominated the field in the wet condition. Both where still familiar with the wet condition as it was last month at the euros. Jilles took pole followed by Tony.

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Start of the A-main!
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For the finals it started raining even harder so small set-up changes where made.
In the first final everyone had a clean start with Tony right on Jilles tale. This kept on going till the end of the race with Tony close in second. Both already lapped the whole field!

The second final saw again a clean start with Jilles in front and close behind him Tony. A small mistake of Jilles allowed Tony to take over the lead with Jilles trying to keep up with Tony. After four minutes Tony had created a gap of a few seconds. Now Peter Meurs was not so far behind Jilles who had some serious problems with his car.

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Tony in front of Jilles.
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It seemed to that his car was slowing down more and more and in the last lap his car stopped just a few meters after crossing the finishline.

This gave Tony the win in the second final with Jilles in second and Peter close behind Jilles in third place. So Tony and Jilles where tied on points but Jilles got the overall win because a better starting position.

Standings of the championship after four rounds: click to enlarge
Tony, Jilles and Michael.
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1. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY/Peak 5 points
2. Tony Vredenberg - XRAY/Orion 16 points

3. Michael Lepelaar- Schumacher/Orion 19 points
4. Heinz Kalinovski – Corally/Corally 19 points
5. Peter Meurs – Corally/Corally 20 points

Next race is at the Baanbrekers track the 22th august,
See you then!