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Race report by Cristian Villar
The first race of the IP Galician 1Rd at Villagarcia track was run last weekend. After many months of rain the sun finally came out so we could run our new XB8 with FX engine.

The track early was pretty smooth but with loose dirt so we opted for a harder basic suspension setup with 600 front and 500 rear, and 4 degrees rear camber. Qualifying began and thought everything is in our favor, the car was dialed and the motor running very well even though it´s in break-in, it went perfect with a good low power and stretching down the straight.

I got the TQ with 7 laps followed only by Ivan but 9 seconds slower, the other drivers were with 6 laps. I made the record of the track with 36.9 sec.

Results Qual.

1. Cristian Villar - XRAY XB8/FX

2. Ivan Cerdeira
3. Victor Remiseiro - XRAY XB8
4. Christian Abad
5. David Rodriguez
6. Manuel Perez - XRAY XB8
7. Hugo Perez - XRAY XB8/FX

8. Francisco Osuna
9. Pedro Cespon
10. Daniel Abal

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In Semi Finals the track became very bumpy, but with a little more grip, so i modified only the driving with a more feeling with a gas finger. I lead all the semi with a lot off authority, and made the 20 min. without mistakes. Won the semi with 2 laps over the second, another XB8. The other semi final, won Manuel with the XB8, but also with 2 laps less.

4 XB8 in the Main Final, and the 2 FX presents in the race too.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4.......relase the car....GO!!!!
I made one mistake in the second lap, and lost the first position, but in the third recovered the lead until the final. No more mistakes in 45 min, and 2 laps again over Iván and 3 to Manuel.

Thanks to XRAY & FX for making this amazing combo.

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Main final Results.
1. Cristian Villar - XRAY XB8/FX
2. Ivan Cerdeira
3. Manuel Perez - XRAY XB8
4. David Rodriguez
5. Christian Abad
6. Jonathan Alonso
7. Pedro Cespon
8. Javier Gonzalez
9. Hugo Perez - XRAY XB8/FX
10. Francisco Osuna
11. Daniel Abal
12. Victor Remiseiro - XRAY XB8

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