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Race report by Mikael Johansson
This weekend the final round of the famous Swedish indoor cup VBC took place at Team Associated Swedens own track. The cup is based on 5 races, best of 3 is counted. I have only raced 2 races and this would be my third and the pressure was huge because of the fact that all of my races and results would count in the Cup.

In 2wd I started out with some problems with the traction but after some set-up changes I managed to be the fastest man in qualification but big problems with traffic destroyed myntwo first rounds. In the third round I was going for a record time but on the last lap I got hit by another car and my TQ was out of sight. In the last round I did my job and managed to start third on the grid. Not happy at all was really pumped for the finals and I managed to take the lead after some good laptimes and with only one minute left of the seven minutes A1 a marshal decided to take my car last when I did a misstake and I lost a half of a lap and I needed to win in A2 to make it all happend in A3.

I took the lead on the first lap and ran some new lap records and managed to take the win with a half of a lap and had the fastest win. In A3 I got involved in a big startcrash and I had 5-6 seconds up to the leader but after, once again, running some new lap records I managed to race for the win with Niclas Mansson and with one minute left he did a misstake and I got by and won A3 as well. This did also mean that my three results that counted in the cup was two first places and one second place - That gave me first place in the cup over EOS star Oskar Levin, third place in the cup went to Niclas Mansson.

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2wd top ten:
1. Mikael Johansson – XRAY XB4 2WD
2. Niclas Mansson
3. Michael Kronoström
4. Albin Tärning
5. Mikael Svensson
6. Marcus Lind
7. Mats Angseryd – XRAY XB4 2WD
8. Andreas Edvinsson
9. Marcus Sandberg
10. Magnus Johansson

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In 4wd I already had two first places and I only had to finish fourth to take the win in the cup. In practise I was fastest and I won all the qualification rounds in style and was almost a half of an second faster per lap then the rest of the field. Car was amazing from start and I won A1 with a half of an lap and in A2 I did a bad job and finished second. In A3 I took the command directly from start and never looked back, I won with a lap and the victory was mine - In both the final round and the cup. After my three races and three first places I got titled "Superchamp".

4wd top ten:

1. Mikael Johansson – XRAY XB4

2. Niclas Mansson
3. Marcus Lind
4. Sebastian Johansson
5. Mats Angseryd - XRAY XB4
6. Martin Johansson Nielsen - XRAY XB4

7. Morgan Larsson
8. Alexander Landén - XRAY XB4
9. Tobias Nilsson
10. Malin Karlsen - XRAY XB4

1/3 of all the cars in 4wd VBC Cup 2013/14 was XRAY cars and XRAY have really became the number one brand in 1:10 in Sweden after this winter.

Mikael Johansson XB4 2WD
Mikael Johansson XB4