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Last weekend the 1st round of Italian 1/10 on-road nationals was held in Cassino. We had wonderfull wheater all days and we also had good result for XRAY.

In F1 class our team drivers Piersante and Adami finished 1st and 2nd after qualifying but in semi they had some bad luck and did not get into the final.

In expert class we had Biagio fighting for pole with Dario and Mazzeo finished 3rd. He won his semi and was leading the final until 25 minutes when his engine rod broke! Biagio was leading one lap in front of Mario Spiniello, David Loppini and Francesco Tironi. Luca Redaelli had some carburation stop in the beginning and was half lap behind.

Last 20 minutes were really exciting with 4 cars in 3 second gap. Spiniello led the race but an engine stop put him back to 2nd place. So 10 minutes to the end Loppini was in lead with Luca Redaelli, Francesco Tironi and Mario Spiniello right behind.

Last minutes where really hot! Luca and Loppini pass each other with Redaelli winning with less than a second gap! Loppini 2nd and Mario recovering the 3rd position

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Final results:
1. Redaelli Luca – XRAY NT1
2. Loppini David
3. Spinello Mario – XRAY NT1
4. Stefanizzi Davide – XRAY NT1

5. Tironi Francesco
6. Forte Alessio – XRAY NT1
7. Mazzeo Alessio
8. Giliberto Salvatore – XRAY NT1
9. Spataro Biagio – XRAY NT1
10. Ielasi Daniele – XRAY NT1