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The first last round of the 2014 South-African ORE national championship were held at Pretoria (TRAP) over weekend 15 and 16 March 2014. Rain cut the two day practise to a day and some ‘out-of-town’ racers struggled to get the perfect set-up right and the local drivers showed the way around a long fast and technical track. With some top racers changing brand the end of 2013, the XRAY team had their work cut out for them to perform well.

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21.5T Touring (blinky)

Neville Menezes (XRAY T4) showed the way around the track in his first nationals, and after a great consistent drive over the weekend took TQ as well as the win.

The final results for the 21.5T Touring A Main:

1. Neville Menezes (TQ) - XRAY T4

2. Fanie Viljoen Snr
3. Christopher Dolphin
4. Gustav Engelbrecht
5. Paul van der Westhuizen

17.5T Touring (boosted)

Ashley Hurley was the fastest man the whole weekend and took TQ and win in the 17.5T Touring. André Greeff (XRAY T4) and Karl Joubert (XRAY T4) managed to qualify 2nd and 4th respectively. After a great battle during the A-finals Karl Joubert managed a 2nd and André Greeff a 3rd place..

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The final results for the 17.5T Touring A-Main:

1. Ashley Hurley (TQ)
2. Karl Joubert - XRAY T4
3. André Greeff - XRAY T4

4. Kallin Kolmel
5. Willen Janse van Rensburg
6. Johnathan Wilken - XRAY T4
7. Justin Cloete - XRAY T4
8. Pieter de Villiers - XRAY T4

9. Martin Fourie
10. Freddie Kotze - XRAY T4

13.5T Touring (Boosted)

The very fast 13.5T Touring class provided some great racing. Anderton Smith managed to take TQ and the win in the A Mains with Hein Kotze in second and Antonio Caroli third with his XRAY T4.

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The final results for the 13.5T Touring A-Main:

1. Anderton Smith (TQ)
2. Hein Kotze
3. Antonio Caroli - XRAY T4
4. Deon Gove - XRAY T4
5. Willie du Plooy - XRAY T4

6. Christian Fourie
7. André Greeff - XRAY T4
8. Alex Ribeiro
9. Karl Joubert - XRAY T4
10. Kallin Kolmel

Touring Modified

The touring modified class once again provided for some spectacular high-speed racing. The 2013 champion Jason Hillcoat (XRAY T4) continued his great pace and took the TQ and win in the A-Final. There was a great battle for 2nd to 5th place in the 3 finals with Anderton Smith taking 2nd place and Deon Gove (XRAY T4) managing 3rd.

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The final results for the Modified Touring A-Main:

1. Jason Hillcoat (TQ) - XRAY T4

2. Anderton Smith
3. Deon Gove - XRAY T4
4. Hein Kotze
5. Shaun Schutte - XRAY T4
6. Christian Fourie
7. Antonio Caroli - XRAY T4
8. Willie du Plooy - XRAY T4
9. Heine Herholdt - XRAY T4

10. Alex Ribeiro

1/12th Scale 10.5T Blinky

The 1/12th scale changed to 10.5T blinky for 2014 and saw the drivers trying to find the correct roll-out for these cars in the relatively long track. André Greeff (XRAY X12) took the opportunity early in the qualifiers and managed to take TQ. He could not however keep his pace during the three finals and managed to hold on to a 3rd place. His team mate, Shaun Schutte (XRAY X12) drove well on the Sunday and managed to take the win in the A-finals with Willem Janse van Rensburg taking the 2nd Place.

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The final results for the 1/12th Scale 10.5T Blinky A-Main:

1. Shaun Schutte - XRAY X12

2. Willem Janse van Rensburg
3. André Greeff (TQ) - XRAY X12
4. Darren Duggan
5. Neville Menezes