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First round of SIS Challenge 2014 was held last weekend at SIS track, Jakarta, Indonesia. Total 40 entries joined Stock 13.5T class and FD class.

Best 1 of 3 qualifying rounds was used to determine the starting grid. It was Ronny Suwarto (XRAY) who took the TQ in front of Bowie Ginting (XRAY) and Muhammad Izzah (XRAY). Danny Izwahyudi (XRAY) and Denny Pangestu (XRAY) completed the 4th and 5th respectively, making all XRAY on the top 5 starting position.

Stock 13.5T Qualifying Result:
1. Ronny Suwarto (XRAY)
2. Bowie Ginting (XRAY)
3. Muhammad Izzah (XRAY)
4. Danny Izwahyudi (XRAY)
5. Denny Pangestu (XRAY)

6. Ronald Kasengkang
7. Peter Antonijsz
8. Faiza
9. Deny Rusli (XRAY)
10. Suwardi Suliandy (XRAY)

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In the 1st Final, Bowie took the lead followed by Izzah in 2nd as Ronny made a bad start. Izzah was able to pass Bowie and win the 1st Final, followed by Ronny & Bowie. Izzah once again won the 2nd Final as Ronny made mistake in the last minute while defending his lead. In the 3rd Final, it was Bowie who took the win in front of Danny and Izzah.

Izzah took the overall win at the 1st Round of SIS Challenge 2014. Tied points between Bowie and Ronny but 2 seconds gap made Bowie claimed the 2nd place, Ronny 3rd.

Stock 13.5T Final Result:
1. Muhammad Izzah (XRAY)
- 2pts
2. Bowie Ginting (XRAY) - 4pts
3. Ronny Suwarto (XRAY) - 4pts
4. Danny Izwahyudi (XRAY) - 5pts
5. Faiza - 11pts
6. Deny Rusli (XRAY) - 11pts
7. Suwardi Suliandy (XRAY) - 12pts
8. Denny Pangestu (XRAY) - 12pts
9. Peter Antonijsz - 13pts
10. Ronald Kasengkang - 17pts

In FD class, once again young talent Izzah took the win in front of Teddy Syach and Nando.

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