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Race report by Alexander Hagberg click to enlarge
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This was the second asphalt event in the Swedish Cup, it was ran at the beautiful and fast Ĺrsunda track. The fastest drivers from northern Sweden were there including former swedish champion Arvid Stenberg (Xray), Gustav Dahlberg (Yokomo) and local fast guy Jörgen Landblom (HPI).

Me and my father arrived at the track friday night for free practice. We know this track very well but the conditions can change pretty much as always so practice was important. The first two packs was not very good and my car felt kinda off and had no bite. We increased droop and tried the Mazda 6 body, and the car was great again. The Mazda had so much stability and did the car much more easy to drive especially in the fast sweepers. The grip was getting really high in the evening and also my car got even better! I had a few laps under the lap record and got the confidence to do well in the qualifiers.

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We came to the track early saturday morning, a little bit of rain had came during the night which lowered the grip a bit. My first two practice packs was really good and car felt even more stable than yesterday. Me and Gustav was the fastest at this point. First qualifier was great, grip went up and my car was as dialed as it was yesterday, I took an comfortable win in the first round. The second round was almost identical but I went even faster. Third round I secured TQ position by winning again. I made no changes to my car at all because it was perfect!!

First A Main I tried to stay cool and keep the others behind me, Arvid and Gustav was pushing but I made no mistakes and could win with a couple of seconds.

Second A Main I tried to push a little more, I ran a new Orion pack that had great power and I could pull a large gap to the others. After 5 min I was 10 sec ahead of the others and I had won the event.

Third A Main I pushed as hard as I could with a larger pinion on as well, this made the car a lot faster, also Gustav was faster and was aiming for the lap record, which he took 17.73 and I had 17.86. But then he suffered a big dump and did not finish, I dumped as well but could finish 1st again.

Car was great all day, also Orion power was great!

Arvid Stenberg finished 3rd and this meant 2 Xray in Top 3. And also Simon Gunnarson drove the third Xray in the A-Main.

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1. Alexander Hagberg - Xray T1 Factory
2. Gustav Dahlberg - Yokomo
3. Arvid Stenberg - Xray T1 Factory
4. Jörgen Landblom - HPI
5. Christofer Löf - Associated
6. Alexander Andersson - HPI
7. Patrik Österberg - Schumacher
8. Pererik Nordman - Schumacher
9. Simon Gunnarsson - Xray T1 Factory
10. Magnus Johansson - Schumacher

Alexander Hagberg