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The Dutch race season has started and the first RACE was the DUTCH-BELGIUM-GERMANY friendship race at the MVW astro turf track.

No Germans showed up and so it was between the Dutch and the Belgium drivers to decided who would take the trophy home. Nice dry weather and good grip on the track. There were some XRAY XB8 2014 and XB9 drivers at the start. After the sub finals the A main final showed two XB8’s in good pace.

Bart Mullink the XDAP driver secured 2 nd place after 45 minutes of driving. Also Danny van Orsouw was in the A main final driving the XB8.

Final results:

1. Jordy Velder (NL)
2. Bart Mullink (NL) - XRAY XB8
3. Kurt van Vlemen (B)