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Report by Jilles Groskamp click to enlarge
A-main on the stand
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The fifth round of the championship was held at the Baanbrekers track located in Rucphen. This track is most used for gas cars with a very fast layout. On saterday the day started with rain but in the afternoon it was sunny and everyone had the change to practise till 5 pm.

Sunday started with three qualifications followed by two finals. In the first qualification round Jilles set a new track record with 19 laps with Tony in second and Heinz-Jurgen in third. In the second round Jilles set again a faster time with 19 laps in 5.10 which is 8 seconds faster then previous year. Tony and Heinz didn’t improved their times so they qualified second and third for the A-main.

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Start of the A-main
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The first final saw a nice battle for second place between Tony and Heinz. On the end it was Jilles who cruised to the finish with Heinz in second and Tony in third.
In the second final Tony made a small mistake and allowed Heinz take second place. Now it was Heinz who followed Jilles for first place. On the end it was Jilles crossing the line first with Heinz in second and Tony third. Due this result, Jilles took the win and the championship! Heinz made the gap for the championship two points smaller to only one point behind Tony.

Final standing: click to enlarge
The winners
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1. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY/Peak
2. Heinz Kalinovski – Corally/Corally
3. Tony Vredenberg - XRAY/Orion
4. Frans Heinsbroek – XRAY/Orion
5. Stefan Jansen – XRAY/Fantom

6. Daan Schuuring – Corally/Corally
7. Michael Lepelaar- Schumacher/Orion
8. Peter Meurs – Corally/Corally
9. Silvester Dam – XRAY/Orion
10. Chris van de Hagen – Tamiya/Peak

Standings of the championship after fifth rounds:
1. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY/Peak 7 points
2. Tony Vredenberg - XRAY/Orion 22 points

3. Heinz Kalinovski – Corally/Corally 23 points
4. Michael Lepelaar- Schumacher/Orion 32 points
5. Stefan Jansen – XRAY/Fantom 32 points

Last race will be at Swifterbant track which will be at the 26th of september,
See you then!