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XRAY has been proudly supporting the young & talented kids worldwide and has been the hatchery of the uprising RC talents. With the XRAY junior racing program we are happy to announce that the young upcoming off-road talent Malin Karlsen has joined the junior team. Malin is an 8 year girl from Norway who has shown an exceptional talent. Malin will be racing with all the XRAY off-road cars including XB8, XB8E, XB4, XB4 2WD.

Malin says:

"I love RC cars and XRAY was my first car and I have a lot of passion for this car and like everyone on the team. I am very happy to be given this opportunity and I really look forward the next races."

Malin will in 2014 attend all the local, regional and national races including:

• European Championship 1/10 off-road
• Nordic Championship 1/8 off-road
• Nordic Championship 1/10 off-road
• Swedish cup series 1/10 off-road
• Swedish cup series 1/8 off-road
• Swedish National Championship 1/8 off-road
• Swedish National Championship 1/10 off-road