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Race report by Renaud Savoya
Freshly back from an amazing week in UK at the Neo race, I was fully loaded to get a better luck this time, and not get DQed like during the 1st round of French nationals! I started with my basic setup and got use to the track first. I TQed the round of controlled practice and was feeling comfortable to fight for the top spot in qualifications.

In Q1, I ended up 2nd for only 0.03s behind Jérôme Aigoin. Then, the rain changed the track conditions drastically during the heats and I couldn’t expect a better result than 3rd overall, with a lot of work cleaning and checking everything on my car full of mud! Another great job from my pitman and mechanic Manu, who saved me a lot of cleaning time!

On Sunday, the weather was expected to be more windy and sunny. It was the case as we could run nearly all mains in dry conditions. Nice job from Arnaud Mirété (XRAY XB8), bumping from 1/8 to the semi! Lorenzo Crolla was also super-fast thanks to his XB8/FX/Sweep combo and could expect a better result during the main if he didn’t encounter radio problems.

For the mains, we decided to go lower in the front and center diffs from 7 000 to 5 000 in order to get better traction for the « wet rocks » conditions. It was a good choice as my car was more reactive and effective, using exactly the same setup as Neo’s mains! I could take the lead in the first 5 minutes, and except for some bubbles at the 10 minutes mark, I did leave the top spot untill the chequered flag !

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Final results:
1. Reno Savoya - XRAY XB8
2. Yannick Aigoin
3. Jérôme Aigoin
4. Jérôme Sartel
5. Edouard Hugon
6. Guillaume Hebert
7. Lorenzo Crolla - XRAY XB8/FX
8. Jonathan Bacro
9. Michel Farina
10. Stéphane Deroch
11. Maxime Noble
12. Julien Lattanzio

Set-up sheet
Reno Savoya