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The Austrian National Championship took place at the end of August in the town of Linz. The best Austrian touring car drivers participated including a couple of foreign participants from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The high level of competition made this race exciting and thrilling. Bad weather plagued the first 2 days of the event practice was limited as a result.

In the practice Hubert Honigl followed by Martin Hudy set the fastest times. To set you final position on the grid your two fastest heats counted for the final. It was Peter Pinisch who set the TQ.

In total four XRAY’s; two Losi, two AE’s and two Robitronics would make up the final

Qualification results:

1. Peter Pinisch ASSO
2. Michal Bok XRAY
3. Toni Eder ASSO
4. Martin Hudy XRAY
5. Hubert Honigl LOSI
6. Michael Kramer LOSI
7. Vaclav Strupek XRAY
8. Rene Kolbel ROBITRONIC
9. Oliver Holzcer ROBITRONIC
10. Michal Nemeček XRAY

In the final it was Martin Hudy who from 4th on the grid managed to drive through the field up to second place but did not have
Enough time to catch the leading Peter Pinisch. In the end it was Peter
Pinisch first, followed by Martin Hudy (XRAY) and Michal Bok (XRAY).

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Final results of Austrian National Championship:

1. Peter Pinisch ASSO
2. Martin Hudy XRAY
3. Michal Bok XRAY

4. Toni Eder ASSO
5. Michael Kramer LOSI
6. Michal Nemeček XRAY
7. Hubert Honigl LOSI
8. Oliver Holzcer ROBITRONIC
9.Vaclav Strupek XRAY
10. Rene Kolbel ROBITRONIC

The race was a lot of fun and exciting for both the drivers and spectators due to the very close competition. It was great to see 4 XRAY cars in the final, where 2 of them made it to the podium, a great result for the XRAY team and another valuable honor and commitment for further developments.