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Lap Paradise event held in Johor Baharu southern of Malaysia David Aw Hobby Track on 27th April 2014. Lap Paradise race has attracted around 40 participants joining the event with a good number of Singaporean racers and some from Hong Kong too.

Boy Chan manage to TQ all the 3 qualifying round and he will be in the pole position in the Final A-main.

Qualifying result

1. Boy Chan – XRAY XB8

2. Anthony Yeo
3. David Aw
4. Nelson Woo
5. Daniel Law

In the final Boy Chan started in pole position, in after few minutes run he had made some mistake on clearing some jumps and drop to 4th position. After few minutes chase he manage to take back the lead and all the way to end of the final and finish the race with a TQ and Win.

Congratulation to Boy Chan TQ & Win Lap Paradise 1/8 Off-Road League

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Final Result

1. Boy Chan (TQ) - XRAY XB8

2. Daniel Law
3. Kent Sung
4. David Aw
5. Ah Leng